Minji Kim(aka. Unknown Kim) is a researcher and sound artist based in The Hague(NL) and Seoul(KR). She is a founder of the Eco-acoustic sound artist initiative Acoustic Territories and a half-part of the artist duo Qoo-Teq.

Her work focuses on sound and music revealed via communication between environments and humans while exploring sounds of the Psycho-Geography.

(Categorizing and listing study, 2020)

2023 ~ Orpheus Institute PhD Candidate(NL, BEL)
2021 ArtScience interfaculty, Royal Academy of Art&Royal Conservatoire the Hague, Master of Music(NL)


2023 10000Arts10000Acts, Getbollab Resident(KR)
2023 Sonic Act, Overexposed Residency Resident(NL)
2023 Barim, Minimal Geopolitics Residency Resident(KR)
2022 Hyundai Motors ZER01NE Resident(KR,NL)
2021 Sonic AI research, Seoul Institute of Art(KR)
2018 Elephant Space Seoul, Space Manager(KR)
2017 Experimental film Virginia, Resident artist(US)
2015~2016 Harvest works Internship(US)


2023 KGRn Tokyo, Performance (JP)
2022 (Qoo-teq) Sonmat Practice Program (KR, NL) 
2022 Digital November, BIFAN&Embassy of France, Performance(KR)
2022 (Qoo-teq) My Neighbor K, Elephant Space, Group exhibition(KR)
2022 ZER01NE Day, Exhibition, Performance and Talks (KR)
2022 Soundcamp Reveil 9, Live Streaming(UK)
2022 Audioblast 10 Festival, Performance(FR)
2021 Sonic Ceremony, Trixie, Performance(NL)
2021 Live Coding Competition, Seoul Art Space Mullae, Performance(KR)
2021 ACTIE!, The Grey Space in the Middle, Group exhibition and performance(NL)
2020 60 hours of Playground for the Wild, Performance(BEL)
2019 Maison Florida Screens It, Performance(BEL)
2019 Watmm Seoul, Live coding audio-visual performance(KR)
2018 WeSA 2018, Live coding audio-visual performance(KR)


2020 Excellence scholarships for the best Master, the Royal Conservatoire(NL)
2019 Holland Scholarship, the Royal Conservatoire(NL)


2022 Acoustic Territories Vol.0, Producer and Musician(KR,NL,IS,FR,UK)
2022 Post ontology; MindBody in the Metaverse, Art Council Korea , Writer(KR)
2021 The other's sonic experience; Bus 22, ArtScience Interfaculty(NL)

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︎ kindisgood@gmail.com
︎ @9unknownkim5