Spatial Devices(2020)

Found in the notebook...2020...
(Finally) I got back to The Hauge, the summer here was perfect, so I didn’t want to dive for theories but rather stay at the beach and make DIY devices to move my ass to turn my mood up resist from C-affects, regardless to my research.

I wanted to build a portable loudspeaker and a converter biodata to vibration; eventually, it connected to my study, though.

I was designing, soldering, cutting wood, assembling, and painting. The first time in my life to deal with scary electric saws and dusty work wears, I took an intense month but after all, I proud that I didn’t cut my finger.

The portable loudspeaker, I tried to shoot impulse and noises to the physical spaces and to know how the architecture effect to sonic experience. The converter is to reveal my perception to sound. I put electrodes on my forehead and the data from my brainwave converted to vibrations.

It was good to think about how the physical architectures are sounding, furthermore, to concern how this affects our psychology.

Several months later, after done building the devices, I talked about this to the teacher, Robert Provda, and he introduced the book. It was a nice surprise that I had been made 19 stuff after theoretical inputs, but this time was the other way around, I followed my instinct then found the context. I realised, do something with the un-logical flow with open-minded can bring a deeper understanding.