Listening Performance; Flashbacks(2021)

Her series of listening works explores the question, ‘How does hearing experience construct?’ in the context of psycho-philosophical acoustic.

In the performance, She puts a binaural microphone into my ears and invite the audience to her auditory perception with a site-specific binaural recording and unique narrative using voice. It starts from listening to a place where performance is happening, then jumps to surreal space-time.
The most recent one, Listening performance: flashback session, is about a hearing experience in my memory of the Hague.

She brings audiences to a personal specific time and places in the Hague. In this process, she dialectically explains what elements constitute a hearing and audiences experience.

The sound installation takes the audience to a high place on the chair where the city view gets broadened. On the chair, the audience listens to the sound from headphones and immerses in the story of the city.

Km, hm, hm the H/a/g/uuu/eeeee

Metal high chair, 4.1 channels audio playback, 60x70x2100cm
May 2021, Grey space in the middle, Exhibition 'Actie!'