Acoustic Territories Vol.0 (2022) 

Acoustic Territories Vol.0 is a compilation album collaborating with artists from Korea, England, France and Iceland.

Field works archiving site:

The artists created music using field record materials captured on the ground they were on, along with themes of fragile boundaries - artificial and nature, shore and onshore, border and territory, etc.

Fragile boundaries are captured in the land, wind and water of Jeju, power plants in Iceland, the four seasons in western France, and forests in Spain.

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A Side

A1. Dey Kim - Blurred
A2. Kohui & Sunjoo Lee - Constellation Of Breaths
A3. Unknown(MJ) Kim & Þórir Höskuldsson - Last Of Resistance
A4. Kohui - Rove
A5. Unknown(MJ) Kim & Þórir Höskuldsson - Wind Poem

B Side

B1. Armand Lesecq - Faux Semblant
B2. Hoonida Kim - snd3+H
B3. Hoonida Kim - snd4+H
B4. Hanbum Lee - Elliðaárdalur
B5. Max Baraitser Smith & Sam Baraitser Smith - The Clockwork Cricket

This album is part of project <Acoustic Territories>
Sponsored by ZER01NE
Produced by Unknown Kim
Designed by Handi Kim
Sound Mastered by GODAM
Recycled Vinyl Cut by Deepgrooves Europe

2022 Acoustic Territories | All rights reserved

*We have always included eco-friendly considerations in manufacturing and shipping our vinyl. The colour of the LP Plate is random because it is made by grinding 99% recycled plastic. And paper is all certified eco-friendly material.