Fall in/out(2018)

Performed on Sep 14-16th 2018 /at Platform-L, Seoul, Korea

In <Fall in / out> which composed of a series of <Fall in> and <Fall out>, she explores the story of human as a being in nature, not individual in society then, decomposes and simplifies its complexity of the events from the human in nature.

She sorts out the events with the causalities in the same axis that nature experienced from the early history Earth, and then borrows a frame of cinema interpretation/criticism which breaks down the narrative then assembles according to causation based on the text-culture. In this work, texts and images used in text-culture are tools of disassembly, and texts and images used in science are tools of alignment. Also, It is similar regarding dealing with audiovisuals, but there is a difference in that if the disassembly/assembly used by the former is a secondary product to artwork, this work itself leads to the art.

Fall in / out isn't a clear answer to her fundamental questions such as nature, existence, and order. However, in the process of re-assembling the moments of our life that pass by with the rhythm of the natural events, we feel the liveness and in the process of organizing the disorder, we can figure out the order of our life.